Let us talk of benefits of Cadios or Cardiac exercises and need for it. As we know that the moment we are born, the process of atherosclerosis, i.e. narrowing of our blood vessels comprising of Capillaries, Arteries, Veins etc. starts. How does it happen is a complex phenomenon, but recent research points it out as follows.
To begin with , Free radicals are formed, which are circulated in our blood. Forming of Free radicals occur because of many reasons including stress, Exercise, presence of higher concentration of Low Density Cholestrol or LDL, any disease particularly Diabetes etc.When these free radicals enter into middle layers or say endothelium layer of Blood vessels, they start formation of atherosclerosis, wherein clot starts growing because of accumulation of dead cells or platelets or fibre tissue, just similar to what happens , when waste goes on to accumulate to plug drain pipe at the point of higher friction or small obstruction.

These points of atherosclerosis are called plaques and they remain to form all across the length of our circulatory system i.e Blood vessels, whether small capillaries or larger arteries. Similarly, this process happens in our coronary arteries as well, which supply oxygenated blood to our heart muscles. As a result conditions like heart attack or angina pain or breathlessness happens. Although a person with high cholesterol level or Diabetes or higher aged person may have greater chances to develop greater number of plaques in his circulatory system, But it’s a matter of chance only that he may or may not have these plaques or obstructions into his coronary system supplying to Heart.

Hence it is not essential that high cholesterol may be the definite cause for higher risk for the cardio disease. There may be instances, wherein a person with low cholesterol level may develop plaque in his coronary artery, and hence could be at greater risk of cardiac complications compared to a person having higher cholesterol level, but having lesser or no plaques in coronary arteries.

At the same time, a person who is more athletic or active in his life or undertakes limited exercise on regular basis continues to expand an alternative network of capillaries besides his coronary arteries, which becomes compensatory vessels in case of narrowing of coronary vessels due to plaque formation. Hence have reduced chances of coronary disease.

But the generation of the higher amount of Free radicals definitely increases the chances of getting cardiac disease besides other factors like age, Diabetes, smoking, Diet or lethargic lifestyle.


The best remedy to be free from Cardiac disease is to get involved in a regular exercise which may promote your peripheral circulation like Jogging, cycling or stretching exercise.

Going for Anti-Oxidants like Vitamin E and Vitamin C rich diet.

Do not keep your mind stressed and follow de-stress measures for keeping yourself relaxed even in odd conditions.

Get involved in pleasure-giving activities which include entertainment through music, Video watching or games shows, touring to newer destinations, falling in love or regular sex.

Have a good sleep, which is minimum of 8 Hrs and a small fraction of it should be around noon as well, maybe for just half an hour.

Try to be spiritual as well as learn to be happier from within in all the situations.

Do not undertake more stressful tasks like fast running, studying for a longer period, traveling long distances or any other conditions, which may add to your body stress.

A person can undertake supportive medicines with the consent of his Physician or in order to achieve above-said goals by consuming the following:

Energy Boosters or tonics,

Iron preparations or Vitamin B12 so as to boost up Haemoglobin,

Anti-Oxidants like Vitamin E and Vitamin C,

Cholesterol-lowering agents like Atorvastatin, Rosuvastatin or Fenofibrate.

Alternate coronary circulation enhancing drugs like Trimetazidine.

Blood thinning agents once in a while like Aspirin.


Wish you a Healthy Heart….


Written for the benefit of Readers visiting                                             By Dr A.Bansali.




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